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Monday, November 29, 2010

Conducting Effective Performance Appraisal Conferences

Performance appraisal conferences involving District Extension Administrators and agents are too often less than successful interactions because of lack of preparedness and organization.  Agents should prepare with this outline in mind.

Performance Appraisal Conference – Total County Faculty
1. General Items
* Set the stage for a positive performance appraisal.

* Review the purpose of the Performance Appraisal Conference.

* agents share highlights and accomplishments from Outcome Programs (review Outcome Summaries).

* agents share highlights and accomplishments from Other Significant Programs .

* Review how these programs are addressing county issues.
2. Program Development, Interpretation, and Outreach.
* Review membership and meetings of Leadership Advisory Board.

* Review membership and meetings of Program Area Committees, task forces, coalitions, etc.

* Review involvement of other planning groups.

* Discuss LAB sponsored educational activities, annual meeting (in counties that still have some type of annual event), and informational events.

* Review interpretation events for County Commissioners Court and Legislators.

* Review LAB newsletters and “Extension Education-Making a Difference 2009″ document.
3. 4-H and Youth Development Program
* Review 4-H enrollment for past three years and discuss expansion efforts.

* Review involvement for 4-H volunteers and mentors.

* Review County 4-H management- 4-H club manager training, 4-H Council Meetings, 4-H VLAT Meetings, and 4-H volunteer training.

* Identify goals for 4-H and youth development program and enrollment.
4. Staff Management
* Discuss and review Office Conference agendas and minutes.

* Review support staff supervision and performance appraisal.

* Discuss County budgeting process and additional resource acquisition.

* Review support group annual financial review forms and discuss financial Best Management Practices.
Performance Appraisal Conference- Individual Conference
Comprehensive Review
Discuss and review Agent’s Performance Summary, review DEA's summary with the agent and establish clear goals for progress for each domain.
1. Educational Effectiveness and Quality- Outcome Programs
* The Relevance, Response, and Results of Outcome Program

* The target audience and outreach to new audiences.

* Committee involvement.

* Marketing efforts.

* Partners and collaborations.

* Quality and quantity of educational activities.

* Evaluation strategy and results.

* Interpretation efforts.
2. Educational Effectiveness and Quality- Output Programs
* How programs addresses key programmatic areas.

* The target audience and outreach to new audiences.

* Committee involvement.

* Marketing efforts.

* Partners and collaborations.

* Quality and quantity of educational activities.

* Evaluation strategy and results.

* Interpretation efforts.
3. Program and Organizational Support
* County Budget management.

* Grants, sponsorship, donations, in-kind support, etc.

* Training efforts related to financial Best Management Practices for support groups.

* Utilization of volunteers.

* Involvement of other agents, specialists, elected officials, etc.

* Management for support staff.
4. Cooperation and Coordination
* External partnerships and collaborations.

* Multi-county and interdisciplinary programming.

* interpersonal skills and teamwork.

* Cooperation with co-workers, other agents, and volunteers.

* Office conferences

* New audiences reached.

* New partnerships formed.

* Use of Extension organizations.
5. Personal Development of Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors
* Participation in professional development activities.

* Graduate study.

* Professional organization involvement.

* Professionalism exhibited.

* Scholarly contributions (publications, fact sheets, websites, exhibits, etc).

* Dossier updates.

* Awards and recognition.

* Involvement of community organizations and activities. More information on your PAS confrences soon. DM

Congratulations, Karnes City High School, has been featured in a recent issue of the Healthy Schools Program Success Stories Newsletter! The story can be found online at
High School Students Benefit from Walking Program
Karnes City High School participated in a partnership formed with Texas AgriLife Extension- Karnes County through a physical activ-ity curriculum called Walk Across Texas. All high school students and staff members received a free pedometer and were asked to track the number of steps they took over eight weeks.
Meredith Carter with AgriLife Extension reports that everyone was excit-ed about the opportunity to increase physical activity levels and teach-ers noticed an increase in attention span in their students after the walks. Great Job Meredith!!!

Think Pink Event
On October 28th 42 women converged to participate in the “Think Pink Event” at the Methodist Activity Center in Bellville, Texas.  The event was the result of the Friend to Friend program which was adapted by Texas AgriLife Extension Service to assist with increasing the number of women meeting the American Cancer Society screening standards.  The event was co-sponsored by Texas AgriLife Extension Service, the Department of State Health Services, Bellville General Hospital and The Rose.  In addition to sponsorships, the event received donations from a host of community supporters.  At the end of the “Think Pink Event”, 33 women received a clinical exam from the Nurse Practitioner and a referral to get a free mammogram.  On October 29th and November 2nd , 33 women received mammograms from The Rose.  The results clearly indicate the impact of the event.    The “Friend to Friend” program will not only make a difference butt will ultimately save lives. 
Great Job Michelle !!!!

Advanced Degrees
Larry Pierce and Adrian Arrendondo, will be walking the stage this December as these District 11 agents have accomplished the reguirements in order to recive their Masters Degree. Larry Pierce will graduate from TAMU and Adrian Arredondo will graduate from TAMUK. I wanted to recoganize these two agents, it is not an easy task in finsinhing up your masters degree and being very productive agents in their respected counties. Great Job!!!!!