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Monday, October 4, 2010

Program Planning Confrences

The deadline to submit program plans for consideration of an exception for your program planning conferences has passed and we have many plans submitted, I want to thank you for your strong effort in submitting the plans on time. Monty, Elaine, Jodi and I have been reviewing and approving plans, we will send out a list of agents that have met the exemption status by the end of the week. Those individuals have less than three years are reminded that they will not be granted exemptions.
Our Program Planning Conferences will be held  next week October 12, 13, and 14th, 2010.
  • Texas AgriLife Extension Center-Corpus Christi  Tuesday,October 12th
  • Jackson County Service Building -Edna  Wednesday and Thursday, October 13th & 14th 
Conferences will start at 9:00 am .  We will discuss programing expectations, on your Organizational Management Plans, Individual Development plans and of course your Out come and out put plans.  Break for lunch and come back with an expectation that agents will finalize  plans online and have them approved before  leaving on that day.

Come ready to work on your plans on your notebook computer. PPC's will be a working session. If you have not started on your plans I suggest that you start before you come to the conference. The RPD's , 4-H specialist and I are committed to stay till the last plan is approved on those days. Please do not schedule evening meetings on the day of your PPC. If you do have meetings scheduled please reschedule or be confident that your plans will be approved so you can make your appointments. Please don't ask to leave early unless your plans have been approved.

A more detailed email is forthcoming with a final agenda for our PPC's by the end of the week, included in the email will be the list of the exemptions granted to agents. If you have any questions give me a call. DM

Child Safety Checkup Event held in Wharton on October 1st

Congratulations on another excellent event in Wharton on October 1st.  This event was a great partnership between Texas AgriLife Extension Service Passenger Safety, Texas AgriLife Extension Service Wharton County and the Gulf Coast Medical Center. Thanks to the generosity of Gulf Coast Medical Center and the efforts of all the technicians and volunteers the event was a great success.  All the parents left truly grateful for the education they received.

Here are some statistics from the event:
48 child safety seat inspections conducted
41 new child safety seats distributed
No child arrived correctly restrained
18 children arrived unrestrained or inappropriately in a seat belt

The proper use of child safety seats reduces the risk of injury and death, leading to reduced medical costs, avoidance of lost future earnings, and improved quality of life. These economic benefits are an estimated $1,974 per child age 0 to 4 and $2,318 per child age 4 to 8 for new seats distributed, and $550 per child for seat misuse with an assumed 75% continued use. Based on this formula, the total economic impact for the 48 inspections conducted on 10/01/10 is $66,233.

Great Job Wharton County Staff ( Dianne, Jamie, and Lynn) !!!!!! This economic analysis  should be used to interpret our excellent public value to our stakeholders.


Last Thursday September 30th, I attended a great program that was developed by the Karnes County Leadership Advisory Board due to the recent natural resources/ economic development in the Karnes County area.  The program developed and facilitated by Karnes and Wilson County Extension offices, drew nearly 300 interested participants from Bee, Goliad, Karnes, Dewitt, Wilson, and Gonzales Counties.

Dr. Bruce Lesikar, Water rights, Dr. David Burnett, Water usage in energy production, Dr. Judon Fambrough, Oil & Gas Leasing, were assembled to address many concerns that local land owners have concerning the new mineral leasing in the area. This was a great example of how multi county programs can address very relevant issues affecting our clientele.  JD and Meredith did a great job in working with Wilson County agents in meeting the needs of our stockholders through identifying issues using their Leadership Advisory Board.


A new resource guide has been developed to support Quality Counts programming efforts.  It includes 12 different activities that teach toward the eight core concepts.  There are also six sample news releases regarding Quality Counts.  Please use as you see fit in your county.  The guide can be found at:

Thank you to everyone for your hard work and strong commitment to completing the ES 237 Report.  In 2009-2010, District 11 had 6,489 members in 4-H clubs (up 492), and another 34,924 youth participating in curriculum enrichment, special interest or short term projects (up 6,705). With limited budgets, staffing vacancies and juggling your many Extension duties, YOU reached an additional 7,197 youth this past year.  HATS OFF TO YOU!  Thanks for your continued support of the 4-H and Youth Development Program.

Happy National 4-H Week!  Many of you have great activities planned for this week (or month) to spotlight your local 4-H program.  Please be sure to take lots of pictures and share your great stories.  We would love to spotlight some of the many activities on the District 11 4-H website so please email pictures and/or a short note to Jodi about your activities.  Thanks for all your efforts…YOU REALLY ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

D11 Personnel News
Mr. Aaron Wilson has accepted the position of 4-H Agent in Brazoria County in District 9,   I wish Aaron success in his new position, D9 is fortunate to acquire Aaron as he brings them great work ethic and an excellent attitude. Aaron starts his new position today. In other news, I am in the process of interviewing for the Calhoun County and Nueces County 4-H agent positions this week.  I hope to have both positions filled by this fall.