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Monday, May 24, 2010

Time to Submit Summer 2010 & Fall 2010 Study Leave Requests

Summer 2010 will begin next week for most universities. If anyone is taking summer classes make certain that a request is submitted ASAP.
Fall 2010 registration is underway, so this is a reminder to all supervisors that employees who are taking classes are required by system policy to request permission to register as a student.

The deadline for submission for the Fall 2010 semester is Friday, July 23rd . The study and training request is a web/automated process. The employee is to fill their request form online and submit. After the employee submits the request, it will be routed to their supervisor for further processing and approval.
*******SPECIAL NOTE:*************** For regular college classes face-to-face or online courses the student will select option #2 “Part-time Study Request”. If they are taking a leave of absence for educational or professional development they will select the alternative option.
For the web link to the study leave form got to . Look under “Employee Development” section, next “Degree Information”.
If you or your employee have any problems with filling out the form, please give Rebecca Luckey a call at (979) 458-3288.

Major Show Steer Validation Video Excellent Resource for Agents

Texas 4-H Steer Validation Demonstration is available in live streaming media at

The Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program in cooperation with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service Animal Science Extension Unit has worked together to offer online resources to support the Texas 4-H Youth Livestock Project. The Steer Validation video is designed to assist agents to become proficient in the procedures for validating show steer projects through the Texas Steer Validation Program. This video are no substitute for reading the validation guidelines, but they should add visual references to the techniques used in the validation process. These videos would also serve as a great resource for training County Steer Validation Committees.

New and tenure agents is is also imperative that you involve your validation committee with all decisions in conducting your validation of your major show livestock projects.

Your supervision of major show project work officially starts with the validation process. Please make sure that guidelines are followed and all necessary materials are collected properly. A good efficient validation of livestock will provide assurance that future eligibility issues will not surface.

Agents in the Spotlight:

Saturday, Kyle and Jodi McManus and Kathy Farrow, represented our District at a reception in College Station honoring Texas State Senator, Judith Zaffirini, with the 2010 Extension in the City Award. Senetor Zaffirini, represents District 21. Bee, Karnes and San Patricio Counties are in legislative District 21. Thanks to these individuals for making a great effort to attend and participate in thanking Senator Zaffirini, for her support of Extension programing.

Last week Anthony Netardus, CEA in DeWitt County was honored with the DeWitt-Lavaca Special Education Cooperative Volunteer of the Year Award, for his leadership in cooperating with various leadership projects in DeWitt County. Congratulations Anthony!!