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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Texas 4-H Foundation Scholorship Judges Needed

There is still an need for judges for the Texas 4-H Foundation scholarships selection this year. If you are interested please let me know ASAP. Agents need to have approximately 5 years of experience in our organization in order to apply.

I have had the great opportunity to be a judge in this process. I can say that it was one of the best opportunities that I had as an agent to gain professional development in the 4-H area. It sure is a commitment ,however you would get to evaluate and met some of the greatest young people that our organization is producing. As a former Ag agent I looked at producing a high quality product for our consumer, and that is how I see our 4-H program. We consistently produce some of the best quality individuals going into our society. Having the opportunity to judge the scholarship applications and to interview graduating seniors I had a better appreciation of our youth organization. I also could assist my local 4-H families in advising them on how to be more competitive in the scholarship selection process. District 11 has been very competitive over the years in the selection process. It should be one of your goals as a youth educator to develop yourself fully to better serve your clientele. Whether your are a tenured AG , FCS, or specialty Agent or even an newer employee , I urge you to take on this opportunity.

Also when our District 11 young people don't get there fair share of the pie ( over 2 million dollars) we can't really comment on the selection process if we have not participated when asked.

If I have stimulated some interest give me a call so I can send you an application , we need good agents involved in this important process and we have some of the best in District 11.

Agent Position Descriptions and Job Responsibilities Assignments

As I have been busy with Performance Reviews and Civil Rights Compliance Reviews I have ask to update your position descriptions and job responsibilities assignments. For your information your will now get an email from the greatjobs network to review and certify your job descriptions, and you will also be getting your copy of the Performance Review conformation from greatjobs as well. Fort those counties that I have already made run in circles trying to find the job descriptions for me to sign I apologize, I can still claim that I am a rookie, the new process and will be more efficient so we can always go to your position descriptions.

The job responsibilities however do still need to be updated and sent to me for approval. Many of the counties that I have been to already have had these and I have retained the original for my files. Those of you all that I will be seeing in the near future please have the job responsibilities completed so we can discuss, approve and sign. The Job responsibilities are broke up in to sections, such as Program Development, TCFF Issues, Program area committees and or task forces, 4-H and Youth development , community development elected officials and media. County coordinators if you need a template let me or Barbara know so we can get you one before your PAS.

District 11 One Pagers

As you know I have to do my fair share of interpretation, not only to county and state elected officials but to my supervisor as well. I appreciate the diligence you have shown in sending me your annual report (Making the Difference Document) This is a great tool for me to use as I visit with stakeholders in our district. I however need a little more, I need for you to complete your annual one pagers. You can simply update the document you sent Mr. Ripley last year. We have many changes in staff so this may take some time for some counties, taking pictures etc. This is an extremely useful tool for me as I have reference the current document regularly this year. If you do not have last year's template give us a call so we can send you the 2008 version. I need the completed one pagers sent to me and cc Barbara by March 12th, I believe you have plenty of time to complete this short but powerful document.

Major Livestock Shows

If you will be traveling to the majors shows , I would like to remind you that you are there to supervise our young people and leaders while at the shows. We must continue to be professional at all times. It is a large task to assist the many individuals in our program however it is of great importance that we try to offer our assistance to all involved. Most of you are also representing your school districts as an adjunct faculty member supervising 4-H members. I would like to charge you with one thing, make a special effort in making your 4-H member's , parent's or leader's experience of exhibiting at a major show a great one. Winning grand champion or getting the gate, or truck should be a learning experience, remember why we are there. Careful on the road.