Monday, February 1, 2010

Southern Region Centra Training on Reporting

A Centra Training on Reporting in TExAS has been scheduled for Monday, February 1, 2010 at 10 a.m. This training is available for all agents in the South Region. Please sign on as a county group to minimize the use of available seats. Also, this training will be recorded for viewing at a later time, if you are unable to attend on February 1.

Before the event
To be sure your computer is setup correctly for this event, run: System Check

Attend Instructions:
Attendees may enter the event by going to the URL below, and entering the event ID.
Event ID: LKQ263562
This session may be recorded and each attendee may have the capability of distributing this recording. Each participant's use of recordings and participant information is subject to U.S. and international privacy laws.

Here are some topics to be covered......

- why reporting is important and how the data are used at the district and state levels

- basic reporting strategies for getting organized to enter complete and accurate information

- collecting contact numbers for different kinds of events.....where and how do they get reported (health fairs, newsletters, ed sessions, site visit, etc.)

- view an agent actually working on reporting to tasks and preparing a plan summary for the month

- how to complete a concise and complete monthly summary for tasks in a program plan to include planning groups, resource acquisition,
marketing, education methods, evaluation, and interpretation

- accurately reporting educational contacts for educational sessions, etc,

- accurately reporting contacts for newsletters, news articles, health fairs, site visits, etc.

- changing dates vs nothing to report if an event did not happen

I encourage each of you to participate in this Centra training and continue to strengthen the reporting of program accomplishments.

New Agents Should Complete On-Line Modules Before Attending Extension Foundations

Texas AgriLife Extension Service has launched a new strategy for on- boarding recently hired County Extension Agents. One of the critical elements of this new on- boarding system is a series of new online learning modules designed to establish a knowledge base prior to them attending Extension Foundations.

Those agents that will be participating in Extension Foundations on April 19-23, should have completed the following training modules prior to their attendance:

  • Texas AgriLife Extension: Our History and Roots
  • Professionalism in Texas AgriLife Extension Service
  • Introduction to Program Development in Texas Extension
  • TExAS Accountability System
  • INVEST: Volunteerism
  • Cash Management
To find these courses, Count Extension Agents should follow the instructions for logging in under the "First Time Here?" section at Some of the courses require an access key, which is the word "texas."

These modules are critical in establishing a foundation for future sequential learning experiences that will be offered to new agents through Texas AgriLife Extension Service newly established on- boarding system.

Summer Internship Program Announced

Research shows that connecting college students to meaningful internship opportunities with employers increases the chance that they will stay in that career field after graduation. Texas AgriLife Extension Service is currently accepting applications from students interested in participating in our Internship Program in the summer of 2010. The Notice of Vacancy has just been released on GreatJobs.

Interested students should create an application in GreatJobs ( ) and apply to posting # 04671. Students should attach a current resume and cover letter to their application.

Interested students can go directly to the job posting at

In addition, students should be directed to the County Programs Internship Program Website at This site contains valuable information about the program including the intern job description, information on how to apply, and frequently asked questions about the program.

Any interested student should create the on-line application and apply to this posting to be considered.

de tour of District 11 Continues

Performance Review will continue this week in Colorado and Austin Counties. See you soon, DM