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Sunday, December 13, 2009

TExAS Monthly Reports

I have recently had a chance to review your reports on a more regular schedule. Many of you do a good job of submitting these reports in a timely and efficient matter. The reports are usually short to the point and provide relevance, response and results for the many tasks that have been scheduled by you during the program planning process. However, some of you do need to improve in reporting to the TExAS web based program. I would like to remind you that you are in control of your calendar and only you can make the adequate time it takes to report effectively. Some of the best county Extension agents in our district are not efficient reporters. Much of the great programming and response to our clientele’s needs is not documented each month.

As the new District Extension Administrator, it is my job to evaluate the Extension agents in the district each year. This process will be coming around shortly in January and February, as may be into March. It is extremely hard for me as your new supervisor to be aware of the many tasks that you have completed this year, if they are not adequately reported. The southern regional program directors also evaluate you on your ability to report on a timely and efficient matter. They provide me with input on your program successes and shortfalls. Our Director Dr. Ed Smith has been quoted “If it was not reported. It did not happen”. If you provide the best response and results in your county programming but do not take the time to successfully report to those accomplishments; how can administration provide you proper credit for your efforts? The documentation for evaluations in our performance appraisals is the TExAS system. I have been reviewing these reports in preparation for your performance reviews, if you know you have not adequately reported. It is imperative to have proper documentation available for our performance appraisals. This week you will be provided an email with a letter on what is expected for your scheduled progress reviews and or comprehensive performance reviews.

Making the Difference annual report and outcome summaries

Your counties annual report and your individual outcome summaries, and significant program successes summaries are due on Tuesday December 15th, many of your have already sent in your summaries. I continue to be amazed at the great programs and successes that our District 11 agents are accomplishing. Remember the main purpose for completing your outcome summaries is so you can interpret these results to your stakeholders. Don’t file your outcome summaries use them to get the word out about the great programs you are doing in your counties.