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Thursday, December 3, 2009

CB-5 and Certificate of Expendetures

I want to emphasize that all reports are extremely important and are all tied somehow to the way a county Extension agent's gets their funding. The CB-5 is the report that tells me how much your county is providing toward your salary and the support that your county is providing toward your program. The CB-5 is a reflection of the many years of support and the great work that you all do. It is imperative that we have these reports in as soon as you can get your auditor to check and approve the report. Try to assist the auditor in compiling the information making it easier for them to approve. Ultimately they are responsible for approving the CB-5 with the seal of the county. The CB-5 is the contract with the county that they will support your position and your office with the financial commitment. When I fill positions in the your county the CB-5 becomes one of my most important documents as I need to know exactly how much the county is providing in order to manage my salary pool. We now have all the CB-5 for counties with a October to September fiscal year. We now need the forms from those counties that have January to December fiscal years. Those CB-5 are due in our office January 15th,2009.

The Certificate of Expenditures is the document that our administration requires that your auditor approves and documents the funds that were used during the past year. This document is also extremely important to know how the county supported our county programs. These documents are due in our office on January 29th, 2009.

Agricultural Increment Reports- The Ag increment reports are due on January 11th, 2009 in our District office. These reports are important due to the significance of agricultural production in your counties. Ag Agents are considered a very credible source because you are charged with compiling the best estimate of financial impact in your county each year. This document is used by many agencies in the state as well as financial institutions. For assistance please contact Dr. Larry Falconer.

Experience Works :

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is funded under Title V of the Older Americans Act as well as state and local grants, enables us to help thousands of low-income individuals, age 55 and older, throughout the United States.

Through this program, seniors benefit from training, counseling, and community service assignments at faith-based and community organizations in their communities, prior to transitioning into the workforce.

Participants are placed at eligible host agencies (primarily at faith-based and community organizations) for which they are paid the minimum wage for an average of 20 hours per week. A host agency is either a private nonprofit organization (other than a political party) that is tax exempt under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1954, or a public agency operated by a unit of government.

This program may support your situation in your office if you need more assistance, for example assisting you support staff, answering the phone, filing etc. This may free up your support staff to do those things that done get done due to lack of time. If you are interested the web site is I will be visiting with a representative soon in how we can work together in some counties.

Agricultural Crop Reports:
Ag agents your weekly crop reports are due by each Monday at 9:00 am. In completing your reports you must also provide some comments in relation to the crop weather conditions. It is important that you do this so we can provide a summary of the reports each week. I am checking reports each week, please take time to complete this short report each Friday.

Performance Appraisals: This week you will be getting an email on scheduling your performance appraisals for 2009. As you request a date that I have available, please consider before you schedule the date that your can be ready with all of your information, reports, summaries etc... It is important that your don't waist your time and mine if your are not ready. I will reschedule the appraisal if you are not ready at the time of your scheduled appraisal.

District 11 4-H Food Show: Satuarday we hosted our annual food show in Victoria. There was a big turn out with majority of our counties represented in the food challange and the food show. Agents that provided leadership on the committee as well as Jodi McManus need to be commended for providing an excellent oppertunity for our young people.

District 11 Personnel news: Barbara Moretich, and I have been really busy trying to fill our vacant positions in our district. This month I will meet with three county courts to present candidates for approval to fill positions in Matagorda, Colorado and Karnes. I have also had the unique opportunity to transfer Mr. Chance Crossland from his 4-H appointment to the ANR Agent position in Calhoun County. Chance and the other four new agents will start in their new positions on January 4th, 2010. The 4-H agent position in San Patricio County has been announced internal. I am looking forward to working on this position next.