Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Friday !!!

The Progress Challenge Reveled

Progress means: forward movement , advance , gradual betterment. It takes awareness , character, discipline, and effort to progress. 
 Change is inevitable.
Progress is a choice.

The word progress carries a forward thrust and focus, and vibrant and transcendent quality that the words change and even success don't deliver. With every success comes the desire for more success. 

When we focus on daily progress we are able to feel daily satisfaction. With every forward step, we see more clearly, our confidence grows, our passion improves, and our options multiply. We progress toward today's goals on the strength of our pat progress. Once achieved, today 's goal becomes tomorrow's launching pad. 

-----Dean Lindsay, The Progress Challenge 

Texas Rural Leadership Program orientation and training for County Agents 

Extension Agents TRLP Orientation
July 8, 2014 and July 9, 2014
La Grange, Texas 

On behalf of Ronnie McDonald,and  Dr. Steel regarding a Texas Rural Leadership Program orientation and training for County Agents originally geared to a few pilot counties.  Ronnie attended many of the District meetings last fall and presented information on the Texas Rural Leadership Program.  In working with Dr. Steel, he asked that I ask if there were any more agents that would like to attend the training.

We have asked that any county agents interested in attending the training to please respond with their availability so they can be included in the orientation and training.  Dr. Steel will be providing the county agents with a hotel room for the night of the 8th, meals during the training and mileage. If you are interested in attending please contact Dr. Elaine Fries or Ronnie McDonald. 

Make sure these dates are on your calendar:  Regional Program Planning Workshop September 3-4, Rosenberg Texas. 

4-H News

We are still working on our Memorandum of Understanding to be presented to our Club Managers for fiscal accountability in reference to their 4-H accounts.  We should get clearance to send to you soon. 

4-H Horse Show and Leadership Lab come and gone for another year.  I want to thank agents and Meredith for your leadership and professionalism during these two D11 events.  For the most part they both went well, we do have to continue to find was to improve both events as to meet the needs of our stakeholders. 

We will be scheduling a parent volunteer input meeting for our District 11 horse show this fall much like we had a few years ago.  This will give our 4-H horse parents a chance to provide constructive input to our event and assist our 4-H Horse show management team to provide a better opportunity. 

It was good to go up to the hill country for leadership lab to a different location, I am eager to see the evaluations as to get some feed back for the event.  However it is clear that we have a great set of young people in our District and that is a direct reflection on their parents, guardians and you as youth development professionals. 

I also want to thank our three interns Chad, Ashton, and Whitney, for their assistance with lab. I appreciate them being so engaged and willing to participate in preparing for the sessions and assisting their agent mentors.  Also appreciate their help at the D11 Horse Show. 

4-H Range Day 

We have an upcoming deadline for the 4-H Range Day of July 8th – so we have time to make plans!  Range Day is August 8th at La Copita Ranch, Ben Bolt, TX. Hope some kiddos and leaders from each of your counties can make it.  Please call or email Dr. Megan Clayton  with any questions.

Professional Association Meetings 

I encourage you to attend and participate in your respected professional association meetings this summer, this is a great time to interact with agents from across the state and share professional improvement ideas.  I have visited with many of your lately and glad you have made plans to attend.  Soon it will be our turn to host these important meetings, so keep that in mind as you attend this year so we can host the best meetings in our district in the next few years. 

Personnel News 

We have a new agent in Calhoun County, Ms. Katelynn Curry was approved by the Calhoun County Court yesterday, and will be in CC at our center on Monday for new employee processing.  She will first step in Victoria County starting on Tuesday for up to about a month.  She starts in Calhoun County at the end of July.  Katelynn, is a graduate of Texas A&M University-Kingsville, and a native of Richmond, Texas.  Please help me welcome Katelynn to D11 as she will work to provide leadership to the Calhoun County 4-H program. 

New Entomologist 

Dr. Robert Bowling has agreed to become the new Extension Entomologist at Corpus Christi. Dr. Bowling’s first day will be July 1, 2014. Please help me welcome Dr. Bowling to our district.  Give him a call if you get a chance next Tuesday.  

"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their commons sense"
--- Gertrude Stein