Friday, November 30, 2012

Establishing Preformance Review Confrences

One of most important management processes conducted by a District Extension Administrators is managing an effective performance management system. Performance Management goes well beyond conducting an effective Performance Review Conference and monitoring agent performance through the TExAS reporting system.  There are various components that must be successfully implemented to successfully manage agent performance. The following are elements that are involved in a performance management system with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service;

  • Conducting an effective Program Planning Conference- Any Performance Management System begins with District Extension Administrators and Regional Program Directors establishing clearly defined performance expectations.
  • Professional Development and Training- All effective performance management systems have effective professional development and training in place to provide County Extension Agents with the professional competencies to accomplish the programmatic goals established during Program Planning Conferences.
  • Monitoring Agent Performance- District Extension Administrators monitor performance on a monthly basis to determine if goals and tactical plans that are developed during the performance planning conference is being successfully implemented by agents.
  • Coaching- Providing agents with feedback regarding performance on an on-going basis is critical component to a successful performance management system.
  • Performance Appraisal Conference- Conducting a successful Performance Appraisal Conference involves effective preparation, effective implementation of the conference and appropriate followup.
Ms. Barbara Moretich, our District office manager will be contacting you through email with a doodle poll next week to identify the best days for your upcoming conference in late December, January, February, and, or  March.  Please be looking for the email and respond as soon as possible so your conference can be scheduled.  I plan on going to all the D11 offices this year for your reviews. DM
District 11 Shooting Sports Organizational Meeting
A organizational meeting of all disciplines was held in Victoria on Tuesday evening to discuss many of the new changes that have taken place this year in the 4-H program.  The majority of the district was represented by leaders. Agents in attendance were Mike Hiller, Ryan Damborsky, and Kara Matheney.  Dr. Boleman and Larry Hysmith representing the state 4-H program discussed many of the new changes and challenges facing the shooting sports program. 
Meredith Carter and myself provided new ways that the district office could support existing and future program opportunities for our young people.  It was great to meet so many leaders in our District that I had not met before and to see the great passion that they have for coaching our young people to be the best.  The district office will become more active in providing direction to the the Shooting Shorts program especially in providing communication to all involved.  There many new opportunities that will soon be showcased by our state office for shooting sports and the leaders were privileged to see them at the meeting.  If you have any questions please let me know.

Colorado County Shooting Sports (Archery) Club featured In JOAD Spotlight

Attached below is a good article was sent to me by Kara Matheney on the spotlight interview of a Colorado County 4-H archery club.  2004 Olympian John Magera, the club's director answers questions for the article.

Better Living for Texans Program Assistants Training

Logan Respess demonstration on  how to fillet a fish
I had the opportunity to attend the BLT program assistants meeting on Padre Island on Wednesday.  It was good to visit with our BLT staff in our region.  These ladies provide many hours of Extension outreach to many non traditional audiences that benefit from the educational opportunities. 
Mr. Logan Respess, Sea Grant Associate Director provided an excellent program on the Seafood industry and information on food safety that the assistants could use as they teach.  The participants also boarded the KARMA for and educational cruse of Corpus Christi Bay providing more information on the gulf coast marine educational opportunities.

District Personnel News

Dr. Kirsten Corda, has been approved by the Aransas County Court as their new Family and Consumer Agent.  Dr. Corda is a graduate of Texas A&M University (bachelors) UTSA( Masters) and received her Phd for Rutgers University in New Jersey. Dr. Corda has vast experience in the field of nutrition and is familiar with Extension's commitment to outreach education.  Kirsten will soon  assist Ginger Easton Smith in Aransas County.  Kirsten will start her first step program in San Patricio County with Kathy Farrow as her mentor on Monday December 3rd. Please join me in welcoming Kirsten to the D11 team. 

Joseph Janak, named County Extension Emeritus by the Board of Regents. The official board of regents’ minuets read as follows:

"In recognition of his long and distinguished service to Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the The Texas A&M University System, the title of County Extension Agent Emeritus is conferred upon Mr. Joseph Janak, Jr. and his is granted all rights and privileges of this title effective November 2nd, 2012."

Please help me in congratulating Joe on his great career and being awarded this prestigious honor. Also thank you to the recognition and awards committee for assisting with the nomination.