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Friday, September 30, 2011

District 11 County Judges and Commissioners Confrence Scheduled

One of the components of the County Programs “Making a Difference” Interpretation Initiative are District Judges and Commissioners Conferences that will be conducted in all of our Extension Districts .
  • District 11 Confrence - December 13, 2011- Sinton, Texas
These conferences provide a tremendous benefit for both our County Commissioner Court members and Texas AgriLife Extension Service. The following are some of the reasons that this component of our interpretation plan is critical;

  • Enables me to solidify partnerships with County Commissioners Court members in their District 11.
  • Demonstrates Texas AgriLife Extension Service’s commitment to county government.
  • Provides an opportunity for Texas AgriLife Extension Service to showcase effective educational programs conducted in the District.
  • Provides customized professional development for County Commissioners within a District.
  • Provides a venue for quality interpretation.
Agents should be reminded that District 11 “Making a Difference” Interpretation Initiative includes the following;
  • District Judges and Commissioners Conferences hosted by Marketing and Interpretation committee.
  • Utilization of the Extension Making a Difference Newsletters that communicates Texas AgriLife Extension’s public value. This newsletter will be published on an annual basis.
  • Utilization of the Extension Making a Difference annual reports that communicates Texas AgriLife Extension’s public value.
  • All Counties conduct formal interpretation events with County Commissioners Courts annually that communicates Texas AgriLife Extension’s public value.
  • All Counties involve elected officials in Extension “showcase” events.
Our marketing and interpretation committee will meet on Thursday October 6th, starting at 9:30 am over LYNC.  Individuals were contacted to join in the conference.  All agents can provide suggestions for programs and interpretation ideas for the the upcoming Judges and Commissioners conference.  Please give me a call if you have suggestions to share.

District 11 Professional Development Contract Due by your Desiganted Program Planning Conference

As you know we no longer have plans and or tasks in TeXas for your professional development activates. Please refer to the email I sent you this past Wednesday for the attached contract that you will sign and forward back to me for the approval of the RPD and myself. Please review the contract and select the activities that you will be attending in 2012.  Please mail me a signed paper copy  or use the (fillable form) version to make it easier to complete, you can sign electronically and then forward to me by email . I will accept them on paper or electronically signed , I will forward to the RPDs for their approval and signature. I need these contracts in by your designated Program planning conference.

As you can imagine it is not easy to include all of the activities, so please add any other conferences , professional meetings , symposiums, workshops, etc.. that you plan on attending during the year.  I have also selected some of these activities and added them to our D11 Extension outlook calendar for your reference.  

I also would like to remind you that this will be our contract and your investment in your Professional Development for 2012.  This contract will also be used by the RPD’s and myself as a tool to gage your commitment in developing yourself as a professional educator in your county.  Please give me a call if you have any questions. DM

Personnel News
Give Matt Bochat ,new agent in Bee County a call next week to welcome him to the District , he will start Monday October 3rd.   News comming soon on Washington County 4-H and Refugio County ANR.  Victoria County 4-H came open internally this week, help me recruit internally in bringing another great agent to D11.