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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

District 11 Quartery Legislataive Email Report

Interpretation of our programs in our District, County, and communities is more important than ever.

In 2011, I expect for each District 11 county to provide a one page quarterly email report to your State senator and state representative and their staffers. We can keep them updated and most importantly update their district staff. I want you to get to know your legislative district staff especially they new staff members of newly elected state leadership.

As representatives of state government and our funding partners, our programs are also their programs. I want to remind our agents and specialists that we must stay positive in our interpretation efforts.  it is imperative that we stay positive! in providing information of our successful programs great programs are our best interpretation.

The quarterly reports can be creative with limited amount of pictures, and video, including much of the same information that you provide in your county commissioner reports, highlight timely events during the year. Keep it short to the point and include public value and or economic effectiveness of our programs each time.

I am not asking for you to do much more than you are doing already as you complete your reports each month. I know that you can clearly understand that completion of this and other special reports is a critical professional obligation associated with professional educators with Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

Your quarterly legislative email report, TExAS monthly reports, and county commissioners reports are due by Tuesday June 7th.

The Power of Positive Attitude

by Remez Sasson
Positive attitude helps to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful. With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening.
Positive attitude manifests in the following ways:

Positive thinking.

Constructive thinking.

Creative thinking.

Expecting success.


Motivation to accomplish your goals.

Being inspired.

Choosing happiness.

Not giving up.

Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise.

Believing in yourself and in your abilities.

Displaying self-esteem and confidence.

Looking for solutions.

Seeing opportunities.

A positive attitude leads to happiness and success and can change your whole outlook on life.
District 11 Agents: I found this definition of positive attitude, as I tried to get through a challenging day after a holiday,  Monday and Tuesday all in one. It is clear that agents moral and attitude could be better in our challenging times due to our budget concerns. I want to remind you that all we can control is the quality of our programs, our positive attitude, and our professionalism.  DM