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Monday, June 28, 2010

Being Prepared for Hurricanes

With a tropical storm Alex currently entering the Gulf of Mexico it is a reminder that we are in the midst of the Texas Gulf Coast Hurricane season. Extension agents should take steps to ensure that their county if impacted by tropical storms or Hurricanes have…

    * Updated emergency plans for the County Extension Office
    * Have personal plans to ensure the safety and well being of themselves and their families
    * Understand their professional roles and responsibilities during an emergency

I would also want to remind County Extension Agents of the resources related to Hurricane preparedness and recovery on the Texas Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN). This information can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Also here is an excellent tracking web site forwarded to me by one of our county Judges

Annual and Sick Leave

During the summer time many of you may have an opportunity to take some annual leave as a vacation or personal time for various reasons. Recently, I have been getting many requests for annual leave.  I would like to remind agents that annual leave should not be taken until it is approved.  In requesting annual leave please submit your request at lease one day in advance of the first personal leave day requested.  I will not approve leave if requested after the date that has been requested, starting in July 2010.  Sick leave however can be requested after you become sick. If you are sick for more than two days a doctors excuse is required before leave can be approved. Please send in your doctor excuses to me a the district office.  If you have a doctors appointment for you or your family it is advised that you request these days in advance.  

I have noticed that some of you request annual leave and or sick leave as your certify your leave at the beginning of the month.  This should not be done, since your leave has not been approved. Please
appropriately request your leave in advance so that your leave can be approved prior to you certifying your leave. Each agent must certify leave at the beginning of the month after each pay date.

Legislative Tour of Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Corpus Christi

I would like to personally thank all of the agents that participated in the tour and luncheon on June 23rd. I know that these events just add to your busy schedule and I appreciate the great posters, programs and support that you provided for the tour. We hosted State Representatives Yvonne Gonzalez-Toureilles from District 35, and Abel Herrero from District 34. Along with the State Representatives several of their aids also attended. The state representatives commented to me that they were very much aware of Extension and the role we play in meeting the needs of our clientele. By the end of the tour they new what an outcome program was and how Extension agents are engaged in local issues. My main focus was making these two state funding partners aware of how we partner with Texas Agrilife Research in disseminating research based knowledge out to producers ,consumers, and families. Again thank you for your help in making this interpretation event a success.