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Friday, April 2, 2010

New Tools for District 11 Agents

I was introduced recently to a new tool that agents can use to capture a face to face program and place on their website for future reference or even for clientele that may not been able to attend the original progam. The tool is a microphone in a form of a USB device that will capture audio and attach it to a PowerPoint using Camtasia . Your power points can then have audio from a presenter making it better that just viewing the slide presentation on a web site. I want to thank Pete Flores and Larry Falconer for working on this new project and they will soon be offering a training on how to use this new tool. Please go to the District 11 website and see new information and click the link to see the first presentation that was captured. The presentation was conducted by Dennis Hale and JD Folbre at a Karnes/Wilson Forage Producers Seminar.

I believe this new tool will be of much value to our programs, in is very easy to capture our programs and presentations and place them on our web sites. This technology can be used by all areas of our programs to keep clientele current on a specific topic or issue.

The other tool that we have incorporated on to our District Web site is to showcase educational youtube videos of agents. Pete Flores has provided some videos to get started and the area on the site is called AgriLife County Cannel, this cannel will have videos of Agents in District 11 and others providing technical information for our clientele. Go to the new information area and click on the county channel to view the sample videos that we are showcaseing. If you have a video of you providing a technical skill or other area of interest to our clientele let us know so we can see about putting it on the county channel.

I have also been reviewing your websites and it seems that our county web sites are not very current with information for our producers, clientele and or 4-H membership. If we are going to have websites we must keep them updated. It is better to have limited information about our offices such as location or staff , than to have information on the sites that are not current. Please designate an agent, support staff member or even volunteer to monitor the site and update requlary.

4-H Round up Volunteer Leadership and Judges

It was disappointing to see that agents had not sent in information on any leaders that would assist with next week’s 4-H Round-up in Brenham. Please make a special effort to recruit adult leaders to assist with the judging at the contests. I will also like to remind agents that our District 11 4-H Roundup will not be a success if we do not provide a great atmosphere and provide the best possible experience for our participants, their parents and leaders. Any contest, show and or competitive experience is only as good as the judge(s). We can do a great job of organizing the event but if we do not have enough high quality judges we have failed.

4-H Scheduling and Professional Development Retreat

By this time you should have already received an email providing more information on the upcoming 4-H Retreat in La Grange on May 25-26, 2010. Jodi and I have been working on the agenda and are excited about the upcoming professional development opportunity. Most of you know that I have been very involved in 4-H programming in my tenure as an agent. I will be discussing some new concepts and direction for our District 11 4-H program at the retreat. I will also challenge you to help Jodi and I to continue to make District 11 the best 4-H District in the State. We will also be having a social on Tuesday evening of the retreat. This will be a great time for us to network with one another in a more relaxed atmosphere. If you have any questions give me a call.

Your County Commissioners Court Monthly Reports, travel and teXas reports are due on April 7th, 2010. Please remember to email or send hard copies of your commissioners court reports to me and or Barbara. DM