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Monday, January 18, 2010

Accountability and Evaluation Expectations

You can evaluate and not be accountable , but you cannot be accountable without some form of evaluation.

Customer satisfaction is the degree to which there is match between the customer's expectations of the product and the actual performance of the product. Expectations are formed based on information consumers receive from promotions, family, friends, opinion leaders, research, and past experience with the product.

Customer satisfaction is an important measure of the ability of an organization to successfully meet the needs of its customer. It also helps demonstrate an organization's worth and effectiveness to its stakeholders - to maintain their support.

The concept of customer satisfaction is easily transferred to Extension programming – with the product being an “educational program.” To assure continued relations with our clientele in the future, we need to ask basic questions:

  • How satisfied are they with the product they receive?
  • Are we meeting their expectations?
  • What are we doing right, wrong?
  • How can we improve to keep their support?
  • Did the product help them make a decision about their own situation?

The customer satisfaction program within Texas AgriLife Extension Service is designed to address these basic questions - to help ensure the agency continues to provide timely, relevant, and effective educational programs to the citizen of Texas.

Each year we will identify counties in the district to be required to send in customer satisfaction surveys as an evaluation for a program held in the county. Fiscal Year 2010 counties are Aransas, Jackson, Karnes and Wharton. I am requiring for 2010 to change the requirement to have at least one set of forms by every agent in each of our District 11 counties. That is all of our counties not just the state required counties. I know that everyone of you have many programs one set of customer satisfaction surveys collected and sent in to organizational development is pretty easy to do. When sending in the collected survey's please provide a cover sheet letting the evaluations specialists know where the surveys are coming from and ad a copy of the agenda of the program being evaluated.

one day Interpretation piece

The Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program sent each county office on January 4th, ten copies of the success report for one day 4-H conducted this past October 10, 2009. We are very proud of our 4-H members , volunteers and county Extension faculty in making this event a successful as what it was. No other in the history of tour program have we reached as many people as we did during he time leading up to and the day of one day 4-H.

This event , and the support for it , truly demonstrated the strength of our network and the dedicated employees we have working to make our 4-H youth the best they can be.

I would encourage you to use this interpretation piece with clientele, elected officials and others about the purpose of our great youth organization. A e-mail should be set to you shortly out on Microsoft Word that counties can customize with specifics from their one day 4-H event. If you need additional flyers limited numbers can be obtained by contacting Dr. Toby Lepley at the state 4-H office.

Personnel News: I recently conducted interviews this Monday in San Patricio County for the vacant 4-H agent position, I am in the process of identifying a finalist. This week I will conducting a civil rights review and performance reviews in Nueces County at the Extension office and the EFNEP office in Corpus Christi. Next week will be Victoira, Wharton and Matagorda's turn for Performance Reviews.

I would like to congratulate, South Texas Cotton and Grain Association for being honored as this years Texas Agrilife Extension Service Partnership Award, the agency award was presented at last weeks AgriLife Conference in College Station. STCGA has continually place a high priority on Extension educational programs as a means of maintaining sustainability in the region's agricultural sector. Mr. Jeff Nuley and Mr. Eric Schneider were in attendance to accept the award.

2009 Superior Service Awards were also presented at last weeks conference this years Superior Service Awards winners were Sarah Womble, CEA -FCS in Victoira County in the County Extension Agent category. Becky Ham, Goliad County Extension Associate in the Technician category, and Barbara Moretich, our District 11 office manager as part of the state wide team in collecting the Texas Crop and Weather Report . We are very proud of you as you have been recognized for your dedication to our agency.